Our values

Our values

We’re headed the same direction

We’re only interested in exceptional cars. Some of them are real legends, icons of worldwide motor industry. Others have been created more recently. They are the stars of automotive trade shows, desired by drivers and motoring journalists.

They are everybody’s dream, but only few have the courage to turn those dreams into reality. For us, each transaction – from the stage of car selection, through subsequent service during the purchase procedure, to implementation of the best import solutions – is a unique project. Thanks to the specificity of our business, we are able to fully focus on your needs. And, what is important, you’re not buying the car from us. You’re buying it with us. We work with you to find the best solutions.  You have the last say in all matters, we give you our full support and professional advice. We analyze all details and possibilities, just as if it were us who were supposed to drive your car in the future. Some of our clients call us automotive pearl hunters. We take it as a true compliment.

We choose the best way

There are drivers who would do anything to find the shortest route leading to their destination. This may prove helpful on the road, but our philosophy does not allow any shortcuts. This is why, already at the preliminary stage of our cooperation with a client, we are fully committed to knowing his or her expectations, in order to deliver a carefully selected and exceptional car, of the best possible appearance and functionality. We base our business on long-term relations and appreciate the trust we are shown by our customers, whose expectations evolve just the way they do.

We are guided by understanding your needs

It all starts with a conversation. A conversation about the passion for things which trigger emotions and make our hearts beat a bit faster. A conversation about practical needs and expectations. But, above all, it’s a conversation between partners. We respect and support any choice you make. We take up purchase orders which sometimes may seem impossible. If your dream car is out there, trust us, and we’ll do anything to let you sit behind its wheel in no time.